Choosing an English Language Teacher

If you can afford it, a private tutor is definitely a good choice for those who wish to learn English quickly and efficiently. However, there are literally thousands of tutors in every city around the world so choosing the right one can be a difficult task. If you are having trouble deciding which tutor to hire in your part of the world, read the tips below and your task should become a little easier.

Factors to Consider

Whether you find prospective EFL tutors online or by looking through your local free paper, make sure you consider the following factors carefully before deciding which one to hire.

  • Personality – This may ngerman-language-teacherot seem like a particularly important factor but if you do not get on well with your tutor, you will find it hard to motivate yourself during your lessons. If you can find a teacher who has similar interests to your own and who shares the same sense of humour, your lessons will be a lot more fun and you will be inclined to pay more attention.
  • Qualifications – Unfortunately, there are many unqualified and inexperienced EFL teachers around the world and if you are paying good money for your lessons, you will want to make sure that your teacher knows what he or she is doing. Look for educational degrees or specific TEFL/TESOL certification.
  • References – An English language teacher with plenty of experience should easily be able to provide you with 2 or 3 references that you can check. If they are unable to do so, it would be best to move on to another prospect rather than take a chance.

A good English tutor will not come cheap so you should take your time when choosing who to hire and do not be afraid to ask plenty of questions when interviewing candidates.