Situational English: At the Casino

One of the reasons that people make a commitment to learning English is because a knowledge of the world’s most widely spoken language can open many doors calearn-blog-image-630x350reer-wise. In this article are some of the English terms that casino staff all around the world need to know. Working as a croupier can be very rewarding, both from a financial and personal development perspective, so it is well worth making the effort to improve your English language skills if you have the chance to apply for a position at a local casino.

You will probably find most of the phrases and vocabulary in the sections below quite confusing unless you are a regular visitor to local casinos. If you want to pick up English gambling terminology quickly, you can visit online casino sites and check out the games they have available to play. Sites such as 777 casino have many different classic games available.

Casino Vocabulary

Below, you will find some vocabulary relating to popular casino games, which should come in handy if you wish to work as a croupier.

  • Blackjack – Hole card, split, double down, stay, stick, shuffle, twist, perfect pair
  • Poker – Fold, shuffle, deal, flop, pot, raise, re-raise, hand
  • Roulette – spin, cashing in, inside betting positions, orphans, neighbours bets, outside bets
  • General Terms – dealer, inspector, croupier, pit boss, cashier, payout, maximum and minimum bet

Casino Phrases

There are many common phrases used by gamblers at casino tables across the globe. Some of the most popular relate to blackjack: “I’d like to split”, “Can I double on that”, “I’ll take even money” and “Can I play behind the box” are some that you will want to learn if you plan to work as a croupier.

At the roulette table, you may hear people say the following phrases: “Colour, please”, “Can I change this”, and “How much is that in cash”. As a croupier, you will have to say things such as: “I’m afraid that’s over the table maximum”, “Place your bets please”, and “no more best please”.